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Flipstick Five a Side Football Spectator Seat

At Flipstick, our extensive range of products are not only designed as portable walking aids, but are also perfect for watching outdoor activities such as football , rugby  and many other childrens sporting activities.

Our high quality products are manufactured using some of the latest precision engineering equipment, and given the finishing touch by hand. Designed to be completely durable and user-friendly, our Flipstick Spectator Seat ensures you can attend any match without the worry of seating.

Whether you are looking for weather protection, walking or seating horse riding accessories, our products are designed to suit you. Take a look at our Flipstick Original, Flipstick Foldaway and Flipstick Umbrella Stick for further product information.

Flipstick Original      Flipstick Foldaway Horse Riding Accessories      Flipstick Umbrella


Our products are fully functional, easy to carry and available in a variety of different colours to suit your desired taste. For further details please do not hesitate to contact our team on: 01386 424 111, or simply send us an email, here.