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Our Range of Folding Walking Stick Seats

Flipstick is a British Manufacturer, providing you with high quality, innovative and functional sticks, allowing you travel anywhere without the worry of walking or seating.

Boasting almost 35 years of expertise, our Folding Walking Sticks have been designed with the latest technology and precision engineering equipment. Our innovative product range therefore gives you confidence in reliability and robustness, whilst not compromising on the overall personal touch.

Our range of Folding Walking Sticks includes the Flipstick Foldaway and the Flipstick Foldaway Adjustable. The dual purpose walking stick/ seat is constructed from a lightweight material and practically assembles itself once removed from the product bag.

Flipstick Folding Walking Sticks

Available in various colours, these easily transportable folding walking sticks are perfect for any outdoors adventure, as a supporting stick whilst walking or a comfortable seat to take a rest.

For further information on our unique product range, please visit the Flipstick website: www.flipstick.co.uk. If you would like to contact a member of our team, please fill in our contact for by clicking here, or call us on 01386 424 111, where we would be more than happy to assist you.