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Our Revolutionary Range of Walking Sticks and Canes

Flipstick introduces you to a brand new concept to traditional walking sticks and canes. As a British Manufacturer, we boast almost 35 years of tradition and expertise in the industry. Utilising the best materials available, our very own skilled engineers and the highest standards of quality, our extensive range of walking sticks and canes allow you to travel anywhere without the worry of lengthy walks or seating.

The Flipstick range has been innovatively designed and created to suit every user, with the option of a comfortable seat, which can be assembled anywhere. From the Flipstick Original and Flipstick Foldaway, to the Flipstick Umbrella Stick and high quality Flipstick Accessories, all products are lightweight, easily transportable and reliable.

To take a look at our online selection of robust walking sticks and canes and for further product information, please visit our Online Store. All products are suitable for left and right-handed users and are available in a wide variety of colours to suit every individual taste.

If you would like further information about any of our walking sticks and canes, please contact a member of our friendly team on: 01386 424 111. Alternatively you can fill in our contact form, here, and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience.