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The Ultra Portable Shooting Stick Seat 

Flipstick resembles a true British icon of manufacturing. With almost 35 years experience in the industry, we endeavour to uphold our true family business values throughout every aspect of our work.

Our revolutionary shooting stick seat combines a classic shooting stick with a comfortable travel seat, to ensure you can attend any event with the support you need to travel or sit. Ultra-portable and highly robust, our shooting stick seat range is available in many specifications to suit you.

From the Flipstick OriginalFlipstick Original Adjustable and Flipstick Original Extra Long to the Flipstick Foldaway, Flipstick Foldaway Adjustable and Flipstick Umbrella Stick – each product is manufactured using the latest technology then finished with a little human touch.

A Flipstick Shooting stick seat makes any shooting day out hassle-free, removing the worry of walking or seating. Please browse our products below, for further details.

If you would like enquire about our shooting stick range, please contact a member of our friendly team on: 01386 424 111. Alternatively you can simply fill in our contact form, here, and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience.