Foldaway Adjustable Short

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Designed specifically for multiple users or to be given as a gift, this stick has a robust, adjustable section which allows the user to vary its height by a further 6cm. A dual-purpose walking stick/seat, constructed from 4 interlocking aluminium tubes and strong polyester stock cord (this product practically assembles itself in front of you when released from its bag), non-slip rubber foot suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with comfortable plastic seat/handle. A spring-loaded button securely locks the seat/handle in either the walking or sitting position. As a seat, it transforms a person into a very stable tripod. Lightweight to carry and yet capable of safely supporting 130kgs (280 lbs). This product comes with a comfortable, stylish, non-bulky, adjustable shoulder bag for ease of carriage. Height (seat up) 82.5cm to 87.6cm . Weight 0.60kg.


Lightweight and easily transportable

Easy to operate

Designed to securely support 130kgs

UK manufactured

Exchangeable rubber feet

Manufactured from tough and durable aluminium & high-quality plastic moulded seat

Suitable for left- and right-handed users

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